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Diamond Necklace Types to let you be in the limelight

February 2022 | ankit agarwal

Diamonds are the way to a woman’s heart. Every woman knows it is their ticket to slay the fashion game in style. Just one look at them, it melts your heart and dazzles your senses, thus making it the most in-demand jewel in the world. Diamond jewellery has long been the best option to celebrate the love and bonding between two people. A dazzling diamond necklace has such magnificent cuts that give you the much-desired sparkle to take off any event in style.

Diamond Necklace types

Here we enlist some of the Diamond necklace types to help you not just stay in the limelight but be the centre of attention wherever you go. They are also available online. Here are some of the necklace types:

  1. Pendant type –A diamond pendant is an excellent attraction to an otherwise gold or silver necklace. A diamond pendant or bangle will help to dangle down for that added glitter in your necklace.
  2. Pendant sets – Lightweight diamond pendant sets are a welcome addition to our exquisite list of diamond jewellery. They change the very aesthetics and bring about an eccentric nature into jewellery alongside a generous use of pearls, corals and other natural stones.
  3. Ruby Necklaces – A stunning Diamond-Ruby Necklace isperfect enough to gift a bride on her D-day. With a matching pair of perfect earrings, these necklaces make it for a drop-dead gorgeous look for brides and celebrities on red carpet events alike.
  4. Choker Necklaces – One of the most expensive and grandest of jewellery, these Diamond Choker Necklaces is perfect and looks great on anyone who wears them. They go excellently with traditional attires and are a great accompaniment in bridal wear studded with several layers of diamonds and designs. You can also avail them in various styles created from multiple diamonds.
  5. Uncut Diamond pieces– They are the most recent entrants in the diamond jewellery section. These uncut diamond necklaces are also raw or rough diamonds and are of great value and quality. They are perfect for bridal wear making them most sought after the necklace by Indian brides.

Diamonds are; nevertheless, the most expensive and precious of all stones and so are diamond necklaces. They can pass over from one generation to the other. Hence, you should well take care of both before and after use. After all, it’s the most precious stone of them all.

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