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Diamond rings - Know your diamonds before you buy

February 2022 | ankit agarwal

It’s a wonder how such small gemstone can have such shine and power to change the value of a memory. But, that’s what a diamond does, and we’re fortunate to be in this precious business. Whether you’re gifting someone, or sealing the bond with engagement or praising yourself with some glitter, diamonds are always a perfect choice. Diamond rings aren’t just pieces of jewellery, but we realise that you’ve decided to spend a considerable amount on these. So, we’re here to make sure you make the right decision and educate you about diamonds.

What makes a diamond so special?

If you think that it’s the dazzle that matters about a diamond, let us stop your thoughts right there because there’s much more to a diamond than just sparkle. Although sparkle makes the most of its look, various factors come into play to bring out its shine. If you’ve surfed even a little about diamonds, you might’ve already come across the Four Cs of diamonds. So, let’s know what the Four Cs are and what importance they hold. The Four Cs are- Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat.

The Four Cs of a diamond:

The cut is one of the most influential factors that determine the price and quality of a finished diamond. The cut is what determines its shine and how it reflects light. A poorly cut diamond looks dull and shines less compared to a well-cut stone. Colour will be defined in grades from D-Z, where D is the highest grade colour. Clarity is about the tiny imperfections or blemishes within the diamond’s cut. Flawless (FL) diamonds are of the highest grade. The last C is Carat, which is used to define the weight of a diamond. As the Carat value increases, the value of diamond increases.

Diamond rings and their certification:

Is it essential to have a certificate for the jewellery you buy? Absolutely, yes. Certificates are a symbol of trust. Diamonds are certified of their quality by grading laboratories based on the above Four Cs and other factors. Being in this line of business carrying a legacy of 34 years, we proudly say that every jewellery we sell has a certified document with all its details and trademarks of originality. So, if you’re looking for Diamond rings or necklaces or other jewellery pieces, check out our online store by clicking here.

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