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In the context of Wikipedia, An eternity ring, also known as an infinity ring, is a ring that is worn on the hand and consists of a band of precious metal (usually gold) set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones (usually diamonds) to symbolise never-ending love. It is usually given to a wife on the occasion of a significant anniversary.

The concept of an eternity ring can be traced back to Egyptian origins, almost 4,000 years. While the Egyptians aren't known to have worn the rings to memorialise a specific event, they are said to have worn them as a symbol of perpetual love and life.

The first examples discovered were a simple circle of precious or non-precious metal set with stones on the upper half of the ring or around the entire circumference. Early eternity rings were also intended to resemble the picture of a snake swallowing its own tail, a frequent metaphor for eternity known as the 'ouroboros.'

When Is It Appropriate to Give or Receive an Eternity Ring?

They can be given as a gift to commemorate a milestone wedding anniversary or to celebrate the welcoming of a new child or children into the family. They are traditionally given after a couple has already been married.

Unlike the original goal of eternity rings, they are now commonly given to commemorate a significant anniversary. Giving an eternity ring to mark a milestone in a marriage symbolises not only the time you’ve previously spent together, but also the infinite future you intend to spend.

Of course, not all eternity rings are connected to a marriage. Another interpretation of the ring is that it represents the endless circle of life. As a result, an eternity ring is frequently purchased.

What Year Should They Commemorate?

According to the old list of customary anniversary gifts, jewels were not supposed to be presented until the fortieth anniversary, and even then, only rubies, not the diamonds that have become the traditional stones in an eternity ring, as obsolete as it may seem by today's standards.

The diamond eternity ring would be perfect for your sixty-fifth anniversary, when diamonds were considered an appropriate gift, for couples that insist on sticking to tradition.

The Eternity Ring for the Birth of the First Child

The original symbolism of the eternity ring as a depiction of the circle of life just recently resurfaced, which is when the birth or adoption of a couple's first child became another custom in which the gift of an eternity ring was regarded fitting.

In essence, the ring can be worn to commemorate the time you've spent together as a couple or the beginning of your life as a family. In either case, an eternity ring can be just as significant as an engagement ring or a wedding band. This is also why so many people like to wear all three rings at the same time, whether on the same finger or split between both hands' ring fingers.

If you're looking for a new diamond eternity ring for any of the reasons listed above, or simply to add some elegance to your fine jewelry collection, take a look at the Purely Diamonds eternity ring collection. We'll be able to assist you in finding the ideal ring.

On which finger should the Eternity Ring be worn?

The eternity ring can be worn on the left hand’s ring finger, or on the right hand’s comparable finger if you already have a wedding and engagement ring. For additional information, check our guide to wearing a wedding, engagement, and eternity ring.

Should I Purchase an Eternity Ring?

There are many different sorts of eternity rings to choose from; the first thing to think about is the diamond setting – full, three-quarters, or half-way around the band, or do you want gemstones and diamonds in your ring? Whatever your preference, we have a ring to suit all tastes and budgets in our collection.

Significance of Infinity & Eternity rings

Eternity rings and infinity rings both have sentimental importance. Their designs are what distinguishes them the most. You'd be able to spot these rings because they can have an infinity symbol on them. The infinity symbol is a figure of eight that represents unending love. In the rings, the sign could be used to help construct the main band or even serve as the focal point.

Diamonds can aid in the creation of these designs and are commonly seen on infinity rings as a symbol of commitment. To make the gift particularly memorable, pair your infinity rings with a selection of exquisite earrings.

Eternity rings and infinity rings are both extremely emotive. The act of giving them might be done for a variety of reasons. But that isn't the only distinction. The difference in design styles is typically the most obvious method to tell them apart. Eternity rings do not resemble a figure of eight, but infinity rings do. Learn the distinctions between eternity and infinity rings so you can give the appropriate one to the right person for the right occasion.

Is it necessary to be married in order to receive Eternity and Infinity Rings?

To receive eternity or infinity rings, you do not need to be married. These rings are frequently referred regarded as promise rings by younger generations. Promise rings fundamentally send the same message of love, but they aren’t usually accompanied with a long-term commitment. Sharing a promise ring can be a gesture of love between friends or loved ones in modern society, thus the meanings might vary. Whether it’s to reward oneself for a new work promotion or to present to a friend on their birthday, there’s something for everyone. There isn’t just one proper way to gift a promise ring because there are so many possibilities.

At the Close

They are traditionally referred to as a ‘pre-engagement ring,’ as they represent devotion or a promise of a future engagement. Some people wear promise rings on their right ring fingers to avoid being confused with engagement rings, however promise bands can be worn on any finger.

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