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Importance of Gold Jewellery in Indian Culture

February 2022 | ankit agarwal

Beautiful and built to last, gold jewellery has long been an integral part of Indian culture and heritage. In India, gold jewellery is not just something that just enhances one’s beauty, rather it is one that embodies wealth and power. 

Jewellery means something different to everyone, for some, it is a form of art, for some, it is a form of creative expression, and for others, it can mean something different altogether. Next time you are looking for a set of bridal jewellery in Hyderabad, or you are looking towards buying gold jewellery online, you will want to consider the importance it has to the rich culture and heritage of India.   

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 The Symbolic Role

To start off with, the most prominent religion in India: Hinduism. It is a culture in which gold jewellery plays a major role. The very nuance of bridal jewellery is exceptionally important to Hindu households as they carry sacred roles within the wedding processions. For instance, the pieces of gold that a bride wears signifies her transition into the husband’s family. 

Moreover, the most popularly and widely spread piece of jewellery in India is the mangal sutra! A small ornamental necklace made out of gold symbolizing the love and commitment of which the husband and wife have towards each other.  

The Religious Allure

Gold is an integral asset across most of the religions in India be it Sikhism, Hinduism, Christianity, or Jainism. Although we see gold prices see an overall rise across the board, it still doesn’t stop devotees from pooling together their savings to help bolster temple funds and honor their favorite god or goddess. 

Being known for its ability to purify, its symbol of reverence makes it an auspicious purchase that has been known to sanctify special occasions.

Even in Christianity gold and its divine shine, and relative scarcity has been associated with that of a divine sphere. 

Family Heirloom

Gold jewellery is a part of every Indian home, and most consider it to be a family heirloom. They are often passed on from generation to generation and are esteemed as a family legacy. Most of the time, a mother will pass off a little of her jewellery to her daughter on their wedding day. 

Status Symbol

Nobody knows how to flex more than an Indian! Gold is not just something that is synonymous with god, or an heirloom gold is one of the biggest ways to flaunt your social standing. Right from the time of kings, to British colonization, all the way up till now gold has been a status symbol. 

In the figurative sense, the Indian debutant is gold! It is the one way to stand out in a crowd, be it actors, politicians, business magnates, or even amongst family gold stands to be a sign of power.


Gifting gold is one of the most esteemed of presents and shows utmost respect to the recipient while giving them your blessing. It is not uncommon to gift newborn children with golden necklaces or rings, or a Vaddanam to a bride-to-be! To such, it is no surprise to see people flaunting the best jewellery shops Hyderabad Panjagutta.

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The Indian culture has always been one to plan for the future.  It is a long-standing notion that one must not only save up enough to sustain himself but enough for 7 generations down the lane! 

Although most do not always reach this dream, it is considered the epitome of success in most Indian households. As a result, gold tends to be the safest investment option. Especially as gold prices are constantly on the rise, due to its relative scarcity and India’s high appetite for it! 

As the population increases, there will be even less gold to go around, as a result, prices are bound to continually soar sky-high! Gold is regarded not only for future generations but also as a sense of security for the family and maybe even salvation in case things don’t go quite as planned a little while down the road. 

Summing It Up

Ironically gold is evergreen in India as it is an integral part of both religion and culture. It has always been something that Indians value, and their gold jewellery is something that gives them irradiating joy.

In conclusion, we can say that gold jewellery and Indian culture have always been like inseparable siblings

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