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Every year has its signature spins on Gold necklace designs. Some play with the roots of authenticity, and some make their way from the roots of passion. Now, this year, 2020 has its trending pieces and designs in Jewellery. Let’s look into them. 

Latest Gold Necklace Designs


Stone Choker Jewellery:

The choker is one of the classic designs in Jewellery. The reason why it has made to the list is because of its layer of charm it adds. With a touch of Rubies, Emeralds, and even Diamonds, Chokers have a unique stand in the world of Jewellery. Chokers have a lot to offer and are considered versatile. If you’re looking for a way to step up your game this wedding and festive season, Chokers are a way to go.


Lightweight Gold Necklace sets:

Fit for Work, home, and even occasions here comes the minimal yet stunning designs in Gold necklaces. These often come in sets because of their flow in design. These type of designs are favourable to women because of their versatility and ease of use. These sets often come with a beautiful pendant, which can be removed to use just the chain for a more minimal look. Also, you can pair the chain with other sets of pendants and earrings to mix-up the look as per your attire.


Stack ‘em up:

Because of fewer limitations, Freestyle patterns can be used with any attire. This type of fashion doesn’t need to have a similar pattern in the designs. Instead, you can pair up two or more Jewellery on top of each other, to add volume and speak more. Play with your fashion sense by mixing up the metals you wear. This style goes perfectly with Indo-western look and also with handloom sarees.


Seasonal Jewellery:

The change in season brings a change in the way we perceive the world. Summers are about hustling, springs are about change, and winters are about settling and cosying up. Similarly, Jewellery speaks a lot about your personality. Based on the colour, style and metal you put on, Jewellery adds to your style statements. So, whenever you’re buying a new piece of Jewellery, consider the season and go for respective colours and tones.


Bridal Wear Gold Necklace Sets:

Wedding jewellery is all about glory and heritage. It has lots of elements embedded in the design that speaks of history and culture. Especially in South India, weddings are considered equal to festivals and demand the latest designs. Since we’re now in the wedding season of the year, you’ll be witnessing exquisite designs popping up. So, now’s the time to check out new designs in the bridal category. 

To sum up the trending designs and how to select the best one for you, we offer a wide variety of jewellery designs. You can visit any of our stores, or shop all our products online too. To make shopping even better, we’ve introduced shopping through WhatsApp, where you can browse our products from the comfort of your home. To schedule a video call, contact us on WhatsApp +91 7993453346 or +91 9701514824

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