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What could be the reason behind giving pearls as gifts? The fact of the matter is that pearls are a priceless gift for almost any occasion right from special anniversaries to even graduations. Hence, they are a very traditional jewellery gift. The difference here for pearls concerning other precious gemstones is that it can be gifted on many of life’s big occasions – be it familial, romantic, or official. Here you will know why having a pearl collection helps to gift anyone on any occasion.

History of Pearly Gifts

Pearls are a part of many traditions and occasions worldwide. In some places, they are popular as the ‘jewel of brides’. All through its history, pearls are well-known to be the gift of love. There’s a certain emotional and eternal depth to pearls that can be conveyed by no other gemstone. Hence giving this gift of love with cultured pearls is always to the point.

A Pearly gift for an occasion

Given its countless styles and jewellery choices, this perfect gift takes on every significant occasion. Quite naturally, they are popular as the quintessential romantic gift. More so to celebrate marriage anniversaries or even on special days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. Particularly, Mothers Day is another prevalent day to gift pearls. From Valentine’s Days to birthdays, promotions to graduations - all are game for pearl gifting. It was also observed that young girls if once introduced to cultural pearls, will wear them on every special occasion in their lives.

Receive the timeless gift – a Pearl Necklace

The most versatile and ultimate form of pearl jewellery is the pearl necklace. Each pearl necklace gift can make its fashion statement. It usually has more than 60% of all pearl jewellery sales. They are also available in various lengths and are quite adaptable to the changing fashion trends as they complement the best of styles.

From small length necklaces such as chokers and collars to more significant lengths such as rope necklaces (over 45 inches), there are several refined and perfect pearl necklaces. Nevertheless, they adorn a woman of any age, giving them an enigmatic look. For a woman who seeks a full-fledged pearl wardrobe, this length of a rope necklace is a must.

Always remember that pearls are an ideal gift and also affordable at that. Therefore, it is excellent if you have a pearl collection that justifies your love for a variety of pearls. These pearl gifts are incredible to receive, especially if you are a first-time pearl owner.

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