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Pearl Collections – Jewellery for Every Occasion

November 2020 | ankit agarwal

Pearls are known for their elegance and versatility. They also look great in traditional, contemporary and modern jewellery as well. No wonder that pearl jewellery designs are popular online with the women of today’s age. When buying pearl jewellery online, you can see various pearl collections designs where they come across in gold, silver and even copper pairings. The fact that they look beautiful when crafted with any metal proves their versatility. 

The Pearl Collections for any Occasion

Every woman must have a set of pearls in her jewellery box that she can pull out and use for just about any occasion. Here are some of the choices that you could consider: 

String of Pearls 

There is nothing extraordinary about a string of pearls that you can wear as a necklace – it is, by far, the simplest among all pearl jewellery designs. But there is a thing that is classic and timeless about it that makes it a must in every woman’s Pearl collections. 

If you want to buy pearl jewellery online, this will undoubtedly rank as the most popular item of jewellery. After all, they can glam up just about any outfit – be it a saree or a gown. Pick out from a single line of pearls or multiple strands as per the opulent style you want for your necklace. Pair it with pearl studs, and you are good to go to a party in style! 

Pearl Kundan Earrings

Today, Indian wedding jewellery is incomplete without Kundan jewellery. Of course, pearls play a significant role in enhancing their appeal. They are traditional and match exceptionally well with the Indian bridal wear. Their intricate designs add a royal look to your attire, especially when they have an antique finish. The demand for Kundan studded pearl earrings online reflects the fact that these jewellery designs with Kundan are a craze among brides.

Whether you are getting married or are attending a wedding ceremony, make sure you have at least one pair of traditional pearl earrings that will take your saree or Anarkali look-up by a few notches. You can be picky here and choose a pair of earrings with pearls and stones to match the colour of your outfit or choose multicolour earrings that can go well with any outfit. 

Pearl Gold Bangles or Bracelets 

The most alluring of all pearl collections are the delicate pearl bangles. Pearl bangles with Kundan, semi-precious stones or gold beads are the go-to match with traditional Indian outfits.

You could also pair gowns and dresses with intricate pearl bracelets instead of bangles. Pearl jewellery designs set in Sterling Silver or Platinum work best with western attire. Yet Pearl and Gold is a combination that is like a match made in heaven with Indian outfits.

When you buy pearl jewellery online, all you need to do is to ensure that the pearls are genuine. It ensures that their timeless charm is forever to treasure. Once you have that covered, you just have to pick a style that you like. Feel confident that it will look great with any outfit!


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