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Be it a festival, or a marriage, or everyday casual wear, pearl jewellery always stands out. Pearl is the most precious jewel that comes out of nature. It is the reason why pearl jewellery always finds the perfect balance in tradition and innovation. Even though pearls are one of the ancient jewels, they symbolise grace even today.

 Are you excited to know more about Pearls? Here are a few facts: 

  • Pearl is the only gemstone that comes from a living creature.
  • They are one of the world's rarest jewels
  • $100 million - that's the cost of the most expensive pearl ever
  • The oldest pearl dates back to 7500 years

Being one of the oldest and finest sources of pearls in India, we can say that there's no occasion that a Pearl cannot fit into. Be it a romantic anniversary gift, or a festival gifts to your close ones, pearls are always a great idea. Pearls are the true symbol of elegance and adaptability, which is why they're mostly the first preference of jewellery lovers. The speciality about pearls is that they're born beautiful. There's quite less aspect of human work to make it look polished. Unlike mining and shaping of other jewels, pearls are loved for the way they are.

The arrival of Pearls in Hyderabad:

Let's talk about how Hyderabad became a hub for Pearl business. The presence of pearls increased during the time of Qutub Shahi kings, while they announced their patronage with Asaf Jahi's, who always had a knack for pearls. So, dating back to the lavish lifestyles of Nizams, they always had an eye for craftsmanship in jewellery. Taking this as a cue to make some penny, merchants from across India made their way to the city. This event made Hyderabad a pearl city of India. In addition to their beauty, pearls are also crushed and powdered for their healing and beautifying traits.


Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam of Hyderabad, used to have sacks of pearls in the basement of his palaces.

A hub for pearl drilling

Almost every member of a household is a master at drilling pearls in Chandanpet, near Hyderabad. It made Hyderabad, one of the most significant pearl drilling locations in India.

Once the pearls are drilled, they're boiled, chemically treated, and exposed to the sun. This process takes about 4-5 days by the time they are washed and separated according to their shape and size.

Pearl Jewellery - Models and designs:

Talking about the availability of designs and models of jewellery studded with pearls, there are countless options. From a studded bangle and a sleek string of pearls to heavy chokers that induce a timeless charm, pearl jewellery has a separate fan base. The designs have evolved with time and there even are some signature designs unique to us, like the several stringed pearl necklace.

We, at Krishna Pearls and Jewellers, work with a passion for providing our customers with nothing but the most elegant quality pearls. With a skilled team of technicians and designers, we evaluate every piece of jewellery to make it unique and stand out. Located widely spread in Hyderabad, and notable places in Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi, we take online orders on all our Jewellery masterpieces. In addition to it, we offer free shipping, money return policy through secured payment gateways. So, if you're looking for the best collection of Pearl, Diamond, Gold, and Gem jewellery, make sure to visit us at stores or browse through our website to shop online.


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