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When it comes to Pearls gifts, there are heaps of options to choose from to make yours a perfect anniversary. And luckily, pearls are a traditional gift to give a lady who is 30 years in marriage with you. 

Why Pearls Gifts?

Pearls come at the midway mark and are the start of the precious stones which continue to increase in value. So a pearl anniversary marks the beginning of the 'special' anniversaries, the significant milestones that you'd want to celebrate.

Anniversary Pearl Gift Ideas for Her

Let's take a look at the pearl gift ideas you want for her to gift on your anniversary. These are also versatile gift ideas that most women would love to have.

1- Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearl stud earrings are the classic staple in any woman's jewellery collection. Because pearls come in a range of varieties, pick the one that you think she'll love. So, if she's into trendy, unorthodox pieces, try black pearls or baroque shapes. If she's more into traditional styles, then go for white, round pearls. By now, you'll know her already well enough to pick out (on) her style!

2- Antique Pearl Jewellery

For those who love the vintage and the quaint, a piece of antique jewellery will always be welcome. Because pearls are among the oldest gemstones in use in jewellery, you'll find many gorgeous antique pieces featuring them. This beautiful Edwardian ring with emeralds features a single perfect pearl in the centre.

3- A Modern Pearl Jewellery Set

Just because you are married doesn't mean your fashion sense has to lose base with modernity or the latest trends. This type of modern jewellery is perfect for a woman who loves stylish jewellery. Contemporary jewellery is a perfect reminder that you're never too old to be young and modern.

4- Pick a Rare Pearl Variety

Certain pearl varieties are so rare. Probably not many people have heard about them. They include Conch Pearls, Melo Melo Pearls and Abalone Pearls. Picking rare pearl jewellery is a way to show how much thought you've put into the gift and implies that your relationship is as rare as the pearl.

The exciting part of trivia with these rare pearls is that they have never been successfully cultured; which implies that any of them you source on the market are 100% wild with zero human-made changes.

5- A Special Pearl Ring to Renew Vows

Remember the time you first met and made vows to each other? Why not renew those moments with a unique pearl ring? After all, it is something that can be worn on the right hand on special occasions, unlike the original engagement or wedding ring.

It is also perfect for a young couple planning to renew their vows after many years of their marriage.

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