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India has been blessed with a rich, diverse culture that is rooted in traditions. Indian culture encompasses unique and vibrant styles of dance, clothing, music, food, jewellery, and handicrafts that vary across different states. Every state has its own rendition of a jewellery style that reflects its deep-seated heritage. If you’re shopping for bridal jewellery in Hyderabad, we’ve listed some of the most beautiful jewellery styles that you may find in India, to make the experience more unique.

Classic Bridal Jewellery

  1. Jammu and Kashmir

The Crown of India, Jammu and Kashmir, is not only known for its breathtaking views, but also for its artisanal jewellery. Hindu women wear an intricately crafted ornament, called the “Dejharoo”; a pair of gold pendants that are strung together with a thin gold chain, and pierced through the top part of the ear lobes. 

Some other jewellery styles renowned in this region include large circular earrings called Kundalas, thick gold and silver bangles with a snake or lion head at the ends, and a silver head ornament worn underneath a veil called the Chaunk Phool.

  1. Assam

The traditional jewellery styles of Assam draw inspiration from the beautiful flora and fauna of the state and the intrinsic day-to-day activities of the people. Often handmade, the basic frame of the jewellery in this state is made from silver and then coated with a thin layer of pure gold. An example of this style is the Gamkharu bracelet, which can be fastened with a clasp.

Another style that’s unique to Assam, is jewellery embellished with garnets, moonstone emeralds, and rubies. The jewellery is named according to its inspiration, like the Jon Biri or half-moon pendant, and the Lokaparo that features two pigeons seated back-to-back.

  1. West Bengal

The jewellery styles of West Bengal are deep-seated in the rich cultural history of the state, and the ornaments are often passed down from one generation to the other. If you’re buying gold jewellery online, here are some traditional styles in this region you can look into.

The Patti Haar is a flat, layered gold necklace crafted with intricate designs and immaculate precision that is worn by Bengali women on special occasions. Jhumkas in Bengal include more floral motifs, whereas the size and magnificence of the Naath or golden nose ring symbolize financial status. 

Another piece of traditional jewellery that originates from this state, is the Ratanchur. It has five gold finger rings that are laced together with thin chains to reach the wrist. Gold earrings called Kaan are worn by Bengali brides and are unique because they cover the entire ear. 

Designer Jewellery according to the state

   4. Maharashtra

The novel jewellery styles of Maharashtra are renowned across the country. The Kolhapuri Saaj which is popular amongst married Indian women is made of 21 intricately designed gold pendants, shaped like leaves, ten of which represent the different avatars of Lord Vishnu. 

Similar to this is another gold masterpiece that comprises gold coins bearing the motifs of Goddess Lakshmi, strung together with a braided gold chain. The Maharashtrian Naath is also unique because of its cashew-like shape and is adorned with pearls surrounding a pink or white stone. 

Thushi is another bridal gold ornament that features a gold choker necklace with gold beads woven together, to form distinct layers. The beads on the necklace symbolize that the bride’s home will never face a dearth of food.

  1. Rajasthan

Endowed with magnificent architecture and invincible kings, Rajasthan is widely recognized as the land of royalty. The state is well known for its tribal jewellery styles often made from silver, with hints of vibrant colours that set it apart at first sight.

Kundan and Jadau jewellery styles are also extremely popular in this region if you’re buying gold jewellery online. Rajasthan’s Maang Teeka, called the Borla, and is unique because of its spherical pendant. Other traditional jewellery styles include the Karanphool Jhumka, which are earrings with floral motifs, and the Haath Phool.

  1. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

From the land of the Nizams, originates the most beautiful bridal jewellery in Hyderabad. The Jada Huwa Lacha and Saath Lada are two beautiful masterpieces in the form of necklaces that are a part of the bride’s trousseau. 

The former is an elegant choker necklace with uncut diamonds, emeralds, pearls, and other precious stones dangling from the bottom, whereas the latter is a long seven-layered necklace made from pearls, with gold pendants.

The Maang Teeka in these states is often complemented with a Jhumer worn on the left side of the head. Made from pearls and gold, arranged in a triangular shape, it symbolizes eternal love and blessings.

The Karan Phool and Chandbali are two of the most enchanting styles of bridal jewellery in Hyderabad. The Karan Phool is shaped like a large flower, with strands of pearls that can be fastened to your hair. The Chandbali features uncut diamonds and precious stones, arranged in the form of a crescent moon.

Finally, there is the Tirmani necklace which literally translates to three gemstones. This unique, aristocratic necklace in the Nizami style, is studded with rubies or emeralds, paired with diamonds and Hyderabadi pearls, for a regal allure. After all, Hyderabad is called the “City of Pearls”, so don’t hesitate to buy pure gold jewellery online, from stores here.

  1. Karnataka

Jewellery styles in this state are often infused with religious connotations, like the Vyaghranakha or the Tiger Claw gold pendant, which represent the young deities of Kartikeya and Manjushree, and are associated with courage.

The Haaram necklace is a beautifully designed pure gold masterpiece, composed of thick gold chains, and a large statement pendant at the centre, which is usually detailed with the motif of peacocks, the lotus flower, or Goddess Lakshmi. Coorg Kadagas are antique gold bangles that can be layered in twos or threes, and the Tholu Bandhi is a gold amulet worn by Kannadiga brides.

Perfect Jewellery for Special Occasion

 Final Words

Though culturally diverse, each state’s jewellery style has some element that binds it together with the rest, which you can see even if you decide to buy pure gold jewellery online. The influences of India’s rich history are embraced to this day, and even modern pieces are crafted after these. Unity even in diversity is what makes Indian jewellery styles unique, and worth cherishing forever.

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