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Scientifically the diamond is just a chunk of carbon, but over the years it has taken on properties that give it a mysterious allure. The superstitious believe that the diamond can bring you either good luck or invite the wrath of the gods. Whether you should own a diamond, when and how you should wear it will depend on the stars and their position as they traverse the skies. Your diamond destiny is also determined by your zodiac sign.

Diamonds reportedly have the power to remove any inferiority complex. It is often prescribed as a panacea for creative blocks suffered by artists, writers and actors. Those who believe in the powers of gemstones attribute the diamond with the power to ward off negativity and to maintain good health.

Diamond holds the top position among all the gems and appearance wise, it is bright and hard. It is scratch free and hence also called a thunderbolt. It is a precious gem which is formed at the core of the earth after the reactions for several million years. There is a special discussion about diamonds in economics by Kautilya. From Gods to humans, all have been affected by the gems and diamond is not an exception. The relative gravity of diamond is 3:48. It is a completely transparent gem. If there is any stain or scratch on diamond then it is considered faulty. If a pure diamond is kept under the sunlight it radiates rays.

Significance of Diamonds in Astrology:

Diamond, as we all know, is the strongest material present on our planet Earth and is unbreakable. It is an uncommon but naturally occurring mineral produced by carbon, and the most easily found diamonds are found in yellow and brown colours. However, the entire jewellery industry has long preferred colourless diamonds, and it is the sparkling, polished and glittering piece of diamond that has gained significance in astrological uses and meanings and as a gemstone for the planet Venus.

We can go on about diamonds and its benefits. We just hope, with this article you are able to understand the various advantages of wearing diamonds. If you are a strong believer in astrology, we have a section for you as well. There, you can find rules for wearing diamonds. Keep reading to understand the Benefits of Wearing Diamond.

It is common knowledge that any gemstone possesses strength or controls or affects the wearer in ways that can improve aspects of life.

Diamonds encourage the wearer to do good deeds, to be commended and acclaimed. It also provokes a feeling of divine bliss and encourages the wearer to face the uncertainties of life boldly. Diamonds are said to have the ability to eradicate any inferiority complex. It is also recommended as a panacea for the artistic blocks that musicians, authors and actors have endured. Many who believe in the value of gemstones attribute the power of the diamond to resist negativity and to preserve good health.

If you believe in astrology, there are a few rules when it comes to wearing diamonds. Astrologers abide by these rules and so must you if you have faith in astrology.

It is best to be worn by people who are suffering from the creative blocks and who are not being able to express themselves through a medium of arts and creativity such as a writer, painter and an artist

Wearing a diamond ring or pendant can also be helpful in bringing good health to the native and can ward off all the negativity and evil present around in life

In astrological beliefs, a diamond being the gemstone associated with the divine powers of the planet of Venus is capable of bringing luxury, love, beauty and all highest stand of materialistic things in a person’s life

It is often suggested to a person who is suffering from the habit of over thinking, anxiety, nervousness and a bad temper.Wearing a diamond in such condition will bring peace and calm in mind


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