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Gold is the priceless metal found on the earth. It shows prosperity and happiness. It has connection with the all the planets in astrology but it has main connection with Jupiter. It gives energy and heat. It also vanish the power of poison. If gold is good then it gives prosperity to person and if it is bad then it creates problems. Do not wear gold for hobby. You have to wear it when you have needed it.

People who has fat and obesity problem they should avoid wearing gold. Those who gets angry they should avoid wearing gold. If Jupiter is weak in your birth chart then you should avoid gold. A person who does business relating to iron, coal or Saturn relating products they should avoid wearing gold. Pregnant and aged women should avoid gold. It is not bad if you found gold. You can use or donate it into temple.

Significance of Gold in Astrology

Normally people keep gold in treasury and lockers. You have to cover it with red paper or red cloth wherever you keep. You have to keep gold on east or south-west side. Do not keep near to your head else you may have problem of sleep. Do not keep artificial jewelry or iron.

Gold is widely considered an auspicious metal with great qualities as jewellery and an investment alike. But did you know that according to Vedic astrology, Jupiter is named after the god- Brihaspati.

Here are some astrological beliefs that surround the beloved precious metal - gold:

Gold brings warmth and energy to the ones who wear it. On many Indian festivals, people buy gold as it brings good luck and prosperity with it.

If you see gold in your dreams, it could mean that your family will be financially stable for a long time and that you will be successful in all your future endeavours.

While storing gold, if you wrap it in a red or yellow cloth, this could invite good luck and prosperity.

Astrologers advise wearing a gold ring on the index finger to help those who suffer from poor concentration problems, middle finger for fame and esteem related problems, and the little finger for respiratory problems.

Wearing gold around your neck, in the form of a pendant or a necklace is said to help with marital problems.

Wearing gold not only assists women express better but also makes them strong-willed and determined.

Wearing gold if water energy dominates their horoscopes could help men achieve balance in their horoscopic charts.

According to astrology, those who want to lead a stately and honorable life must wear gold. If the desire is of concentration, wear gold in the index finger, and if you are interested in getting a child, then wear gold in the ring finger.

Wearing gold increases the energy and heat in the body, as well as liberates it from the effects of poison. If you have any problem related to cold, cold, or breath, you should wear gold on the junior finger.

Gold is related to the planet Jupiter, whose horoscope does not have the correct position of Jupiter, they should not wear gold, it can increase their problem further.



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