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An iconic heart-shaped motif is one of the most enduring shapes in modern jewelry. The significance and symbolism of a heart design may appear self-evident. However, few people are aware of the design’s historical origins. A pendant or decoration in the shape of a heart represents love, friendship, and profound affection. The heart symbol can be used to represent a variety of things. The sign has had religious and erotic meanings throughout history. The majority of individuals nowadays give heart jewelry as a token of deep love and affection.

Heart-Shaped Jewelry: What Does It Mean?

Heart-shaped lockets became increasingly popular in the nineteenth century. They were ideal representations of love and marriage bonds. Heart lockets have been associated with love. A strand of your lover’s hair was commonly encased inside a heart locket.

Because heart jewelry is frequently given as a gift by lovers, it has earned the moniker “sweetheart jewelry.” For hundreds of years, sweetheart jewelry has existed in some form. During the first and second world wars, the trend became increasingly popular. The terrible realities of war made the exchange of souvenirs with loved ones at home all the more special for servicemen. Young troops began bringing “sweetheart” jewelry back home as a ritual. Their girlfriends, wives, sisters, and moms would receive heart jewelry as gifts. Sweetheart jewelry was worn proudly and with patriotism by those who received it.

What Does It Mean To Wear An Open Heart Necklace?

Hearts that are open or fractured are also common motifs in jewelry design. The open heart pendant has a lot of meaning for a lot of people. It usually means that the person who donated the pendant has opened one’s heart to them. You allow the other person to fill your heart with love and affection by opening it.

Hearts are a popular jewelry design for some people. Others will think they're too girly and demure. You can embrace this iconic motif in contemporary styles with Phoenix Roze's modern designs.

The finest method to make a dramatic love statement or gesture is with a heart-shaped necklace. Heart pendant necklaces from Phoenix Roze come in a variety of forms. Folded heart necklace designs, popularized by origami, are among them. For that extra special gift, there are open heart necklaces, padlock heart necklaces, and even gold diamond necklaces with heart pendants.

History behind Heart-Shaped Jewelry

Throughout the twentieth century, the timeless double hearts with a crown, which symbolized marital fidelity, dominated the fashion charts. Wallis Simpson is said to have received a magnificent inscribed heart charm from King Edward XVIII. Their unique love tale has fueled the popularity of heart-shaped jewelry as a symbol of love.

Heart-shaped engagement rings are becoming increasingly fashionable among couples today. Aside from rings, there are earrings, pendants, and bracelets with heart-shaped gemstones or seductive heart designs. These designs are a wonderful way to express your affection for someone special or for yourself.

The worldwide emblem of love is the heart shape, which is defined by two scallops on top and a pointed bottom. Affection, dedication, undying love, and endless romance are all symbols associated with it. Heart-shaped jewels, heart motifs, or designs on jewelry are also seen to be the best method to communicate one’s feelings.

Heart-shaped brooches and rings had become popular as a symbol of love, chivalry, and romance by this period. Short love poems were frequently engraved on these.

Around 1562, Mary, Queen of Scots, may have given diamond rings to the Queen of England, according to one of the oldest records of a heart-shaped stone.

George Buchanan, a 16th-century Scottish historian, wrote two Latin epigrams about Mary’s diamond ring gifts to Elizabeth, one titled Loquitur adamas in cordis effigiem sculptus, quem Maria Elizabethae Anglae misit, and the other titled Loquitur adamas in cordis effigiem sculptus, quem Maria Elizabethae Anglae misit, which is said to be a translation of Mary’s.


Clean, symmetrical heart pendants are becoming popular all around the world. By the 18th century, however, the twisted heart had come to symbolize 'bewitched by love,' and a double heart had come to represent a committed partnership.

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